Book #3

The Ultimate Pleated Skirt

Color photos; 25 pages; only 5 print copies remain. See for ordering print copy for $12.50, USA only, post paid. The book is also available as a download copy in pdf format at same price, anywhere with an internet connection. In early fall the 6 DesignaKnit stitch pattern files will also be available for download.

Knitting Level is Advanced Beginner (no kidding). Ribber required.

The pleats in this skirt are knit in a combination of double jacquard and single bed on ribber only. The single bed part is the inside of the pleat and looks like a tweed. The pleat face is double jacquard in a design that repeats in all directions across the pleats when the pleats are closed.

The concept for the self-folding pleats can be used on a Passap machine also.You will have to figure out your own needle set up. The only needle arrangement in the book is for 200 needle machines, but the idea is fairly obvious.

The model skirt pattern is included as a stitch print out, and may be used for producing for sale. It will be a challenge to set this skirt up for production; but once set up is done, the knitting is straight forward. Also the pleats are self folding and the general construction lends itself to speed methods.

The book text uses detailed diagrams and photos to help you understand how the skirt is designed and sized. The book is written as a design book rather than a pattern book. Detailed instructions are included for using the concept to design your own skirt.

Designs can be adapted to any waist and hip combination and size and length as well.

If this stitch pattern is used for a garment for sale, please acknowledge the source on the hangtag. Include HuskyTalk Knitworks and Brother Stitch World number 7.